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Structures & Dwellings

Fire-pi has significant forensic fire and explosion investigation experience in a broad variety of structures, including residential dwellings from small to large, urban, suburban and countryside. Brunner has substantial commercial structure experience also, including grain elevators, barns, silos, agricultural and production facilities across the Midwest. His work encompasses fires and explosions.
Agriculture, Vehicles and
Heavy Machinery

Lorne Brunner, MS-CFI, has investigated fires in a broad variety of vehicles, from cars to commercial vehicles, heavy machinery and farm equipment. Whatever machinery you’re dealing with, he has seen it.
Defense & Liability

Lorne is a licensed private investigator and a certified expert court witness in forensic and explosion investigations.
Evidence is secured in accordance with ASTM protocols and standards and well-documented in writing and in photographs.
Contact Fire-pi for more information on defense work. We'll be glad to discuss your needs in greater detail.
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