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lornebrunner  -  Jul 20, 2019
The Cameroon Investigation Comes to an End

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Investigators: Lorne Brunner, Richard Kemspter


Wash, rinse and repeat.

Saturday, as usual, it rained all night with no thunder and I slept like a rock; so much it was hard to get up.

“We are together!”

Breakfast was the same. The coffee was so glorious I had three cups.

My dinner was very large Prawns caught today.

We loaded up into our SFS conveyances. Today we have a Toyota, Beefcake is still in his usual stoic position always scanning I heard one of his guys call him commander in French. We took the rear. As we drove it was exhilarating! It felt like we were at the speedway. I actually video taped it with my phone as NO ONE would believe how we as a convey speed through the villages and road.

Link to video:

We passed two checkpoints where the Beefcake threw up a “gang sign.” We all arrived safely at the refinery for the security handoff. Our SFS then went to hang out with the army.

We reviewed PUD30 to ensure we were ready for our test.

Nervous? Yes, I have to admit I was, though I don’t do that too often.

So we had two test failures. First the fire chief got involved and only wanted 10 bar of pressure. Our math called for 15 bar with 2 - 4” hoses at 20’ static head. The fire chief would not allow for safety, and thus adjusted the trajectory of the water. Once we convinced the chief that all was safe, we got our 15 bar and it ….was…..GLORIOUS!

Once the test was complete and we did our video and photographic documentation, it was off to the hotel. It was different traveling on Saturday at 2 p.m. versus 4 p.m. I will say there were at least twice the check points and at one point a guard stopped us and Beefcake signed him.  He kept tapping on the window with his gun butt. Beefcake got out and immediately became very, very animated.  The Captain walked over and pointing at the guard, both began to flap their arms and yell. The memo was sent! Back into the car as we sped off.

Now that our testing is complete, our client, wants a “preliminary five to six-page 'summary' report for their client who will be onsite Thursday.” We will debrief the team with our report Wednesday afternoon. I was told I could stay until Friday for my flight or I can move my flight to Wednesday, which I have requested.

Sunday is a day off for us to take a deep breath and catch up. We all know that we will be working.  Monday is no-drive day, so we will walk (escorted by our SFS) over to the local adjuster's office and review the drone videos/photos.

Until tomorrow


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