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Two decades of military experience and leadership and more than 2k fires investigated.

Welcome to FIRE-pi

Certified Veteran-Owned Fire Investigation Firm

Fire-pi is a Minnesota-based, veteran-owned/staffed forensic fire and explosion investigation firm. We identify the origin and cause. We employ a rigorous, ethical and effective approach based on 20 years of active forensic fire and explosion investigation, backed up by 20 years of fighting U.S. Navy ship fires and aircraft fires.


Structures & Dwellings

Fire-pi has significant forensic fire and explosion investigation experience in a wide variety of structures…

Agriculture, Vehicles, and Heavy Machinery

Lorne Brunner, MS-CFI, has investigated fires in a wide variety of vehicles, from cars to commercial vehicles…

Defense & Liability

Lorne is a licensed private investigator and a certified expert court witness in forensic and explosion investigations.