Is Your Origin and Cause Expert an Expert According to the NFPA?

Fire investigation subrogation is where cases are won or lost based upon the credentials of the fire expert
retained in the case. The question to consider up front is whether the insurer and/or their legal representative
acted in “the utmost good faith” by vetting the expert. This requires consideration of the NFPA-1033 (2022
edition), Professional Qualifications for a Fire Investigator. Lorne L. Brunner, MS-CFI, Owner/Founder of Fire-
pi, meets and/or exceeds the following NFPA-1033 (2022 edition) standards and is court certified as an
expert O&C witness.

  1. Is the expert “fully qualified as a fire investigator” under the standards of NFPA-1033?
  2. What is the complete relevant educational background of the investigator? A high school education or
    college degree unrelated to the science of fire investigation is irrelevant.
  3. What is the entire working-life experience of the investigator? What was the investigators job prior to
    fire investigations? Do they work full-time or part-time? Does the investigator work alone or for a
  4. What professional licenses do they carry? Expiration/renewal date? Has their license ever been
    suspended or revoked?
  5. What professional certifications do they have? Organization? Tested? Certification date? What
    seminars have they attended? Were they tested seminars?
  6. Have they ever been qualified in court previously as a fire expert? When? Is there a transcript? Did
    they act for the plaintiff or defense? Have they ever been rejected by a court in seeking to be
    qualified as an “expert” witness?
  7. How many fire scenes have they served as the primary fire investigator? What is their record for
    determining fire causation? How many arsons? Accidental? Natural? Undetermined. I don’t know IS
    NOT an answer.
  8. Do they have Errors and Omissions insurance?
  9. Have they had any claims filed against them? For what? What was the outcome? Do they have secure
    management and control of their evidence in storage? ASTM-1492.
  10. Can they provide three professional references?