Fire Origin and Cause Investigation in ND

When the clients you insure have suffered from a fire, you both need answers as soon as possible — contact Fire-Pi to get those answers. We know from experience how stressful and life-changing a fire can be for your clients, and the imperative on you to determine the cause. Because of this, we have dedicated our time and energy to finding answers so you can work on getting back to your life.

Our family-owned business is uniquely qualified in fire origin and cause analysis due to our primary investigator’s advanced education in forensics and law, as well as 20 years of experience in the U.S. Navy. Our only goal is to help you get answers so you can help your clients out.

When you need an experienced investigation team after you have experienced a fire on your property, give us a call at +1 (651) 247-5884. We understand that your time is essential, and we do our best to respond to you immediately and begin our investigations no more than 72 hours after your initial call.

Fire Origin and Cause Investigation in and around ND

From structural fires and machinery fires to accidents and arson, we can help you uncover the truth about the incident. We are certified to present as special witnesses and can file all of the right paperwork for your insurance company.

We have assisted many cases throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota, as well as Iowa and Wisconsin. When you need fire origin and cause investigations provided by highly qualified professionals, look to Fire-Pi. We provide quick responses to your call and give you comprehensive forensic fire investigation information to help you learn the truth.

Please visit our contact page with any questions you may have or to fill out an assignment request. We understand your struggle, and we want to help. Do not wait while precious evidence erodes away.